Look after your Skin this Winter

Winter can be harsh on your skin, its important to protect and look after it ! especially your hands from the harmful everyday environmental jobs, that they and your feet feel the brunt of in our everyday lives.

They become sore, dry, rough, and cracked, and as we all lead such busy lives there is never enough time to look after them, did you know that the hands are one of the first areas to show skin ageing? the hands are delicate and are prone to dehydration, damage, pigmentations and spots. Using a hand cream can replenish the lost moisture.

We are introducing our Hand Scrub Gift Boxes this Winter, which have a solid hand scrub, Goats milk hand cream and moisturising and nourishing goats milk soap, we also have luxury body butters which can also be used a facial cream to nourish and protect dry skin, perfect foot cream as they have natural shea butter and cocoa butter to soften hard skin on the feet.

We can honestly say our Hand Cream and Body Butter deliver intense nourishment to the skin, enriched with coconut oil and natural essential oils to soothe and protect, we also have our natural hand balms and organic lip balms a firm favourite with our customers.