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Home of Natural Skincare & Much More...

Betty Bubbles was founded in 2008 fuelled by a passion for natural organic skincare. Our well-loved candle range, Diffusers, and Room Sprays were introduced in 2014.

All our products are made in small batches. This makes everything unique while ensuring that the active natural ingredients are as fresh as possible.

Nature is at the core of everything that we do. Special blends of the finest essential oils and organic plant wax are used in our candles including rapeseed oil and natural soy.

Our aromatherapy range includes natural essential oils, and we only use cotton wicks for extra purity.  It burns cleanly and throws the scent effectively to give a wonderful aroma to enhance any room to create a calming, uplifting ambiance to brighten your home.

We love what we do

We love being able to share the benefits of using natural ingredients on your skin and in your life. 

We embarked on a journey, fuelled by a passion to research the best herbs, plants, fruit, and the finest quality natural  essential oils for our family and friends.

The journey continues!...

We take up more events throughout Scotland

Our products proved so popular with family and friends, we soon found ourselves taking them to events and markets all over Scotland.  We continue to share the benefits of natural pampering treats for all our customers at an affordable price.

Working closely with our suppliers, who also believe in our ethics, we source and research all our ingredients to make sure they are Cruelty-free, Paraben-Free and SLS free.

Recently they obtained accreditation from the Vegetarian Society, PETA, and Cruelty-Free International.

We believe businesses like ours have a responsibility to minimize their impact on the planet, and our efforts help us sleep at night! Our packaging and boxes are all biodegradable, as well as all glass being recycled.

We are fortunate that Betty Bubbles can now help support causes close to our heart.  We frequently raise money for MacMillan and Breast Cancer Care and support them with a percentage of takings from events throughout the year.