Life is a Journey….

As we grow older we respect the value of life and embrace every moment and each new day.

“living your best life” this mantra has followed me through the last couple of years and sparked me to practice what I preach.

When we consider a best life we simply imagine ourselves in a place where all our dreams and ambitions come true, we want to make an impact on ourselves and those we love.

The idea that caused the epiphany to walk away from the mundane 9-5 job and stressful environment was a career change, so we embarked on a journey of discovery and now have a small business, and can honestly say being your own boss has now fulfilled the dream …

In order to succeed sometimes you have to be selfish and think about yourself, living a life full of everyones decisions instead of your own will slowly lead you to a path of destruction, living a life full of your own choices and decisions will lead you to the promise land.

Pamper, yourself, take time out to enjoy a beautiful day breathe in fresh air and smell the flowers, inhale the scent, the fresh aroma of essential oils on your skin, the texture of beautiful hand cream, and the smell of a fragrant scented candle.

Lets live our best life by appreciating where we are at this moment and lets allow the feeling of gratefulness to take over our lives.

Live your life for you, for you are the only one who lives it every day….