Healthy Skincare in “Winter”

Cozy nights in to a Winter walk in the snow, most of us love the Winter.

Unfortunately for some of us we can be overworked, exhausted, juggling housework with work and kids etc… and after a long day in the office, its late and you are very tired you just want to sleep and seriously do you want to remove any makeup ? to be honest its worth it regardless of how tired you are remove your make up and let your skin breathe…

If you fall asleep with make up on it blocks your pores, and leads to spots and pimples, and de-hydrated skin. So cleanse and tone all the time, have a wonderful Spa facial which restores your faith in humanity !! Not only should you eat loads of fruit and drink plenty of water but you could also have a fruit facial at home so refreshing and so good for your skin, plus you can chill out in pyjamas….

You can exfoliate before bedtime, cleanse your skin add toner, and most of all moisturise, also drink a nice large glass of water which will hydrate the skin while you sleep.

Pay attention to your Skin this Winter season its need extra care and attention with lots of love.

BB Team X