Summer Flower Power

We source many flowers, herbs, plants, and essential oils for our customers. They are added to our bath bombs. soap, candles, and our luxury gift boxes and hamper surprises for extra relaxation and calm, and well being.

Recently we supplied bespoke gifts to friends and family and loyal customers, for birthday, get well and special pamper treats.

Geranium is good for infection, anxiety, and soothing sensitive skin, very uplifting due to the floral fragrance which is delicate and reminds us of a Summer Meadow, Hemp and Lavender are great for medicinal properties, so relaxing and associated with healing and for helping aches, pains, and to relieve tension and stress, and mostly for their anti-inflammatory properties.

Lavender and Hemp will give you a good nights sleep too !!

Calendula is a pot of gold, and the petals range in colour from vibrant yellow to burnt orange, many herbalists agree that calendula is a soothing herb to work with and ideal to use in soap and bath bombs.

We will be working on new herbal bath bombs over the coming months which are beautifully scented with a blend of sweet herbal oils, they are uplifting and the Epsom salts combined make them wonderful for your skin.

Marjoram is a sweet lovely herb related to the oregano family its very calming and natural, and we hope to use it in many products when our online shop and outdoor and indoor events resume in due course.

The Betty Bubbles Team