Hello from Betty

Hi, we are back with new goats and new fresh ingredients !

Looking forward to a our journey together with Wonderful Scents and Aromas in 2019
Introducing the New Collection with Eco friendly packaging to the Goats Milk Soap, Hand Cream and Lip Balm.

This range will be available for Mothers Day!
We are fully aware that our customers make the right decisions when it Comes to what they use on their bodies.

There is now a tendency to adopting healthier and greener habits in order to improve one’s overall health and wellness.
There is so much junk in Cosmetics and Skincare Products. Instead, we should let nature teach us the best beauty regimes to reduce your toxic load for clearer healthier skin.

Our products are free from nasty chemicals which can cause damage to us, our children and the environment.

“Eat your way to beautiful skin” – a good statement to remember and worth knowing its good to eat at least 10 vegetables or fruit a day.

Making the switch to Natural Beauty Products is not about dodging Toxins, its about making choices which respect your body and wellness.

Getting plenty of sleep helps, drink plenty of water, be kind, compassionate and loving with all your heart this months – especially as its Valentines Day on the 14th and living as happily as possible

Always make time for yourself to chill out and unwind !