Caring for Your Skin in Spring & Summer

A few tips on how to look after your skin especially in the Summer, and a day on the beach- bathing suit picked out, sandals on our feet, sunglasses on, towels packed, lunch to go water in hand, OK wait have I packed sunscreen, now there goes a familiar sound !!

As the warmer weather approaches its important to look after your skin and use SPF every day even if its not sunny. Harmful Rays when cloudy can cause skin damage so best to cover up and stay protected.

Exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead skin cells which clog up your pores, this is called a skin regeneration which gives a deep cleanse, and by doing so this can give your skin more vitality and glow.

Beach sand is an excellent skin exfoliant, simply by walking along the beach can provide a great way to exfoliate dead skin from your feet, so dig your toes into the sand and start rejuvenating your skin naturally and its free !!

From living near the ocean you learn that it heals littles cuts, nicks, and scrapes, and if you take a minute or two to exfoliate with a little sand and water your skin will be grateful for days, also remember and most importantly to apply sunscreen after being in the sand and saltwater even if its a stroll along the beach.

Your skin just loves to be hydrated so why not try a fruit facemask, seriously and add yoghurt from the fridge its cooling and also a little honey then sit back and relax….

Always use a moisturising lip balm, and after sun as hydrating your skin is very important after sun exposure, firstly take a cold shower, to refresh your skin after the heat and sunshine.

Moisturise your face body and use a lip balm.

Drink lots of water.

Your skin will thank you for it !