News & Events for 2022

We are looking to go greener this year and we will source the best materials and packaging, and focus on ethics, sustainability, and of course all with organics in mind.

We don`t not use any animal ingredients and follow the leaping bunny and are 100% cruelty free.

We will be sourcing new Vegan products for our Spring and Summer events which hopefully will go ahead this year !

Our packaging boxes are all recycled, environmentally friendly, with biodegradable bags including all re-cycled glass bottles which can be used for other household products.

Our products are all Paraben Free and SLS Free, Soy Bean is used in our new diffusers, and our candles are plant based with cotton wicks, which of course are all natural and not harmful to your home or the environment.

We use the purest essential oils in our products which have a gorgeous aroma and fragrance. Soy and Plant Wax is such a green alternative and it lasts longer, they may appear more expensive but they burn twice as long as any normal candle creating a lovely wax pool which burns cleanly and evenly and our customers all love the aroma and relaxing ambiance.

Our candles are simply Vegan another important factor, and most of our customers use the glass in the candles, salts as lovely vases for flowers -re-cycled just what we like !!

As we work together on our new green eco friendly way forward for early Spring, we will be testing, trying, and coming up with new ideas to give you a relaxing and pampering time to look forward to and we do hope to see you all at our events this year .

So take time out like us to create space and slow down have a relaxing bath, unwind with a bath bomb or some relaxing mineral salts and light a soothing candle and let your mind just drift off to somewhere far away…..

Until we meet again stay safe and see you all soon

BB Team