Look after your Feet

Foot Care

Health and Skin Care is so important, but the one area of the body we take for granted is our feet.

They support us physically and they ground us with the earth, so it is just so nice to give your feet loving care this Spring & Summer with some feet treats and added pampering to get them into shape for the holidays !

Our Sugar scrubs come in various natural aromas and made with Pure Essential oils they will give your feet a wonderful massage-use in the bath or shower in circular motions a few nights per week before bedtime, followed by our sensual Body Butter.

Our customers use cotton socks to this ritual and awake in the morning with smooth silky feet- what a treat !!

We walk, run, go to the gym, actually our poor feet take a pounding, over the years we have learned never to buy shoes in the morning as our feet expand as the day goes on, shoes should feel comfortable especially if we are going to a “Family Wedding” or one of our events- believe me we have learned the lesson- never expect them to “Break in “

Another weekly routine is a foot bath and we add our Aromatherapy Salts which are good for the circulation and blood flow, for should we dare to say “Smelly Feet” add a cupful of Cider Vinegar to the salts works perfect as a deodorising therapy.

Finish off your Foot Pamper with our Peppermint Eucalyptus & rich Avocado Oil Foot Balm…..

We guarantee your feet will Thank You and reward you with a skip in your step …….