Lip Balm Benefits

New Summer Fragrances

Having Chapped lips is an unpleasant experience, Our Lip balm can soothe dry and chapped lips, we are proud to say our Organic Lip Balm provides even greater benefits because it contains no chemicals, additives or synthetic ingredients- Just Natural

To protect against harsh Winter Conditions and the Summer Sun !

Cruelty Free which is very important too !

Deep nourishing with added vitamins and antioxidants, also Mellissa oil to prevent a cold sore, and Hemp to protect.

We have now added lovely Summer fragrances which are truly Devine !

Our Goats Milk lip balm is new and an added addition to our already popular Organic range. It has beeswax which is antibacterial and offers anti-inflammatory properties to protect your lips and promote healthy skin.

All of the above may sound like a lot to consider, however the reality is that choosing a lip balm can be an easy process as it should be ! Be smart and pay attention to what you are selecting, apply the moment your lips feel dry.

Drink lots of water-your lips will feel full and plump when you are hydrated. Exfoliate with our delightful sugar scrubs to remove dead skin cells and will increase absorption of our lip balm.

Another perk- they taste delightful especially the Dark Chocolate & Mint so try one today- On offer throughout April.