Health & Well-Being gifts this Summer

One of our most popular body butters is Mango, a rich luxurious body butter which is refreshing as a tropical island. Packed with essential oils, vitamins, and gorgeous sunflower oil, its nourishing and beneficial to the skin, especially on hard skin and heels that are due some pampering and love for those Summer feet. We also have a NEW Lavender Body Butter this Summer with added Bergamot commonly used in aromatherapy to relieve stress, its antiseptic qualities offers analgesic pain relief for many skin infections.

Orange & Jasmine another customer favourite good for arthritic joints, its floral scent is uplifting and the Shea Butter and Cocoa similar to our other body butters will ultimately make you feel amazing, also reduces and prevents stretch marks, after a bath or shower take a generous amount and massage gently into your skin allowing the essentials oils and aroma to caress, absorb, and deeply nourish the skin, and your senses will be wakening up ready to dance !

We are also introducing our new Himalayan bath and foot soak, to relax and calm the mind, body and spirit. Himalayan salts have been used for centuries to prevent infection, the benefits are endless, it also reduces pain swelling in tired legs so its no wonder our customers asked us if we can introduce it to our product range this Summer. It also has mental health benefits as well and the salts just brings everything back into balance as they are enriched with pure essential oils which eases aches and pains, the salts also help the blood flow and are great for the circulation, soothes insect bites, and replenishes minerals back into the body to improve the quality of sleep before bedtime, it has been known to diminish the effects of jet lag so always take them on your travels, and while walking will heal your feet from blisters.

Finally find a quiet space to unwind like our favourite the beach, its tranquil and we are free of thoughts, like driftwood and empty shells and the calming sound of the waves. Its good to feel peace and joy with that element of calm. We were actually inspired by this scent for our Sea Mineral Body Scrubs, Sea Shore bath bombs, and our Driftwood and Sea Salt Candles, so find your calm and just breath and enjoy each day.