Autumn Inspirational Flowers

We are truly inspired by the colours and vibrant fresh array of flowers this year.

Our garden has never looked so abundant and overflowing with the aroma of fragrance.

We can sit in the garden surrounded by fresh planters, and watch the bees on the sunflowers and lavender and then have a flash of inspiration for our next customer gift box or hamper.

This year its been the sunflower which brings so much joy, the yellow petals bring warmth to any gloomy day, and recently we have had mellow yellow gift surprise boxes going out to lots of customers who are recovering from illness, or just a thoughtful gesture from a friend or family member…..

Our Lavender was so sweetly scented this year that we had no choice but to add some to our gift boxes, “it was the most relaxing smell ever imagined” said one customer and that was before she opened her gift box, so just little things just makes our day.

We love early Autumn as you still have the aroma of Summer fragrance around all our products, Sea Salt in our candles, and bath salts, not to mention relaxing bath bombs, and a hint of the ocean in the body scrubs with a twist of citrus bursts.

So lets unwind, relax, and take time out for ourselves a little self pampering gets the body back on track, maybe throw in some yoga and gentle self meditation and lets look forward to spending more time with friends and family over the next few months…

Take it easy

BB Team