Wellbeing Mantras this Christmas…..

Its a fact so nourish and pamper your body, for something comforting in the dark cold Winter nights nothing beats a long walk in the park, and then a healthy meal, the joy of smell, the scent of Orange Clove and Cinnamon and of course mulled wine, it transports you to a Christmas Market, the aromatic candles fills the air, and fragrant soaps of stalls with shiny baubles and Christmas Trees— Our Kind of Christmas

Look after your body with pampering and kindness, a relaxing hot bath filled with delights to soothe and relax, we love our new Christmas bath bombs, gingerbread men soap, and the cute snowmen soap which kids adore !!

We have introduced our NEW Shampoo bars which are essential pampering while caring for the environment, scented with gorgeous new fragrances arriving for the festive period we simple can’t wait to get in the tub, not forgetting the herbal tea dandelion and peppermint to bring a moment of calm to slow right down.

So take time out to unwind, chill and look after your body this Winter…..