Pink Fizz & Grapefruit Aromatherapy Candle



This scented aromatherapy candle is invigorating and quite an indulgent candle to celebrate any party occasion, a fresh fizzy aroma with exotic and warm hints of grapefruit.

This calming, comforting ambience will soothe your spirits and brighten your home.   

Aromatherapy Candles – 50 hour Burn Time

Our candles are lovingly hand-poured and packed with infused spices and essential oils, we use cotton wicks to enable the candle to burn beautiful.  They are uplifting and sensual and are part of our Limited Edition Range to spark adventure on a Journey of discovery. 
Natural Soy wax which gives an even clean burn and Fragrant with aromatic essential oils. Fill your home with aromatic scents to uplift the senses.
A perfect Gift for a loved one, or a special treat for you.