Candle tips and Care

We are often asked by customers how to get the best value from a candle.

Firstly we use natural cotton wicks and organic materials in our candles.

Ethically sourced and all hand poured with a unique plant wax that burns cleanly and effectively, infused with essential oils and fragrant floral, fruit, and sweet aromas.

Our glass is recycled and so is our packaging. 


Place your candle on a steady surface and keep away from flammable materials such as curtains.

Keep out of a draught.

Use a candle lighter rather than matches.

Trim the wick - very important and after each burn.

When you light your candle burn for a minimum of three hours this will avoid tunneling.

This will give time to create a scent pool.

Never leave a candle unattended, this is how accidents happen.

Please keep away from children and pets.- sometimes they smell good enough to eat and you dont want anyone to be tempted.

Now go forth and look after your candle like the experts do.heart

Enjoy heart