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  • Trim the Wick before you light and burn for at least 3 hours as you have to create a melt pool from side to side, as putting out the flame early will result in the wax not melting and this in candle terms means tunneling.

    This practice allows the heat from the flame enough time to reach the outer edges of the candle so the wax melts evenly. It is imperitive that you burn your candle long enough for the melt pool to cover the top of your candle.                 

    We have all seen examples of candles that have burned down the centre and never reached the edges, in those cases the candles were not burned long enough to heat all the wax around the Perimeter.

    Failure to do this will result in the candle burrowing a hole down the middle leaving wax at the sides of the glass especially with the Natural Organic Candles.. 

    We trim our candles about a 1/4 or 1/8 inch before we light it using a lighter and use a Wick Trimmer which you can buy from the internet for as little as £4.00, believe me this will be the best present ever and will last a life time. 


    Just follow the simple steps to get the most burning time,  a beautiful aroma and the most enjoyment from your candle.

    Follow safety rules on bottom of our candles

    We would recommend trimming the wick on the aromatherapy candles as well as they will last longer.

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