As Autumn Leaves fall…

The arrival of Autumn signals the beginning of the annual season cycle.

Its is the most colourful part of the year when leaves turn from green to burnt orange and red, its an inspirational time for us its symbolises change, like the falling leaves shedding off the Summer Stock and preparing for the new Winter Collection.

This is when our Candles are at their most popular heading towards Christmas and the bleak tone of chilly Winter.

Its a transition period for us at Betty Bubbles from the warm Summer we spent in our garden and the fresh aroma of flowers and embracing the sweet aroma of Lavender, Rose, Peony, and Bluebell.

So its spice up your life with Forest Scented notes of Juniper and Pine in our Bath Salts, Nutmeg and Orange in our Candles and that hint of Pumpkin and Cinnamon in our new shampoo bars.

Not too mention Hot chocolate, Bonfires, Marshmallows and Pine Cones whats not to like about Autumn.

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