Going Naked For Our Planet

image by Justin Hofman Photography

This year the beauty world has finally got serious about plastic and the damage it can do to the environment, especially the wildlife in the ocean.

Re-cycling is now high on our agenda and we are using glass jars instead of plastic, and we are making an impact along with 80% of people in the UK.

Cotton buds are a major problem in the ocean, especially the plastic stem so its a good idea to change to an an eco-friendly alternative and becoming more biodegradable as we have introduced in all our new packaging.…….

So going Naked with products and using as little plastic packaging as possible, bars of soap like ours are proving popular, and we have introduced environmentally friendly packaging to our soaps and hand cream too.

I am a true believer of the zero waste movement, Coconut oil as an example can be used as a multi functional purpose, skin conditioner, hand cream, lip balm, hair conditioner and much more……

Being part of a more natural lifestyle makes sense and you find yourself looking at cleaning products and ingredients in food and drink very carefully….

Then there is the blue planet which undoubtedly raised alarm bells about the problem of plastics, which in time could take over the number of fish in the ocean by 2050

We are trying little by little for our future generations……..

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