Flower Power

As Spring begins we start to see our gardens Bloom.

We use many flowers in our Soap, Hand Cream, Balms, & Candles, Bath Bombs and much more….

They soothe the body and calm the mind.

Geranium– is a firm favourite with all our customers, the essentials oil is very expensive and precious, the scent is sensual and sultry yet- feminine.

However we keep our costs down for our customers and add only the finest ingredients into our products.

Rose Geranium is also very soothing and uplifting and has the most wonderful aroma which can transport you to a country garden.

Lavender– Well what I can say we adore it, its a classic and has been around for centuries, of course used for medicinal purposes due to its antibacterial properties, a perfect antiseptic and can relieve tension and stress- A wonderful aroma to help you sleep too.

Essential Oils are so popular the first thing that springs to mind is their scent, above all they are natural so although we use them in our products they also have huge emotional benefits too.

When you inhale a pleasant floral fragrance it can boost the production of certain hormones to make you feel good and relax.

Jasmine –its calming and a natural aphrodisiac, and can easily be mixed with Ylang-Ylang and Ginger it has the best floral aroma and so relaxing. Rose -Sensual and sweet, perfect in candles, hand cream, lip balms, and scrubs, its very exotic and can be mixed beautifully with other herbs and spices.

From Citrus Oils to Musky Scents you can make your home smell divine, your skin fragrant, and improve the quality of your life and all with just a few drops of essential oils from our flowers grown in your very own garden!!